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Topic: Amateur hour

My friend is a semi - professional musician who used to play every weekend at various pubs around our neighbourhood. I had this idea for a poem / song after a customer tried to hijack the stage one evening.
The Manager told this customer that he can " have a go " with whatever equipment he wanted to play.

Another Friday night that I do my thing
My Ovation and I, together we sing
Dylan and Diamond, Beatles and Stones
We draw the line at the effing Deftones

We play them all, whatever you choose
us two on stage, watching you booze
As you shake off those tensions
and the work you dont mention

So you know A7 and are proud of your G
and you play E minor way better than me
Demand to do a song or three
Try grab my baby, dethrone me

So I pack my things, prepare to go
Management shout that line I wont toe
Im tired now and dont need a fight
Im told the customer is always right.

Re: Amateur hour

I been there, brother......

Re: Amateur hour

nice lament there brother. i've been trudging around the pubs/clubs of South Wales for over 30 years. i've met all sorts; good singers bad singers and smartalecs by the score.

i did a really great gig one night and a guy came up to me at the end and said "my mate is a much better singer than you" so i said great, where does he play? the guy says " oh he doesnt do it professionally, he's got to get legless before he starts singing, then he falls down after a couple of songs!" so i said, he's not better than me then is he?

i'd like to hear this if you put music to it. let us know how you get on

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Re: Amateur hour

Will do Phil, thanks.

On the flip side of this situation I witnessed my friend give an oppertunity to a guy who is learning guitar, he is a regular customer at this one particular drinking establishment.

The guy took the guitar, messed up ' Behind blue eyes " by The Who and then told my friend that he was trying to embarass him by MAKING him come on stage and play.

In my books a total loser.