Topic: HELP Crack in baritone uke

I just got a mini heart attack. I found a crack in the body of my baritone uke.
It's about 1 inch long, on the side part (not the soundboard) bottom end on the E string side, about the middle of the side and paralel to soundboard plane. There is no visible hole but it seems to not be level, so I doubt it is just a bad scratch, she also sounds funny (timbre is different and E string as far as I dared to try will not get in tune, I did not wanna risk letting it too loose in case the tension change splits it further)
The uke is Dimavery UK-300 with a nato body.
I might have banged her against something hard while I was taking her on a train, as I only have a thin fabric bag, I rally hope it's not the case though. (I'm already near tears thinking it might be something serious)

What do I do now? I have no idea what to do!

Re: HELP Crack in baritone uke

I think I would take it too a guitar music shop and have a professional look at it.

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