Topic: My New Portable Recording Kit

So I was in Chicago last week, and as I was waiting for the subway train to take me to the airport, these four kids start singing at the end of the station, and they were phenominal.  I had my workstation with me, but no mics, and even if I had them, I couldn't have plugged into my interface, anyway, without AC power.  So I used my phone, and the results were less than spectacular.

You can hear them here, and I'm sure you'll agree that a better fidelity recording of this bit of impromptu greatness would be much better.

So, vowing to never get caught off guard again,  I ordered up one of these dandy little devices.


In addition to the four on-board mics, it will also accept two balanced XLR inputs and provide phantom power, so I am going to buy another AKG-420 and set up a Blumlien pair for recording jam circles at Wintergrass again.   The whole thing will fit in a small bag.

Stereo rocks.  big_smile

Someday we'll win this thing...


Re: My New Portable Recording Kit

clever idea there Jerome let us know how the recordings come out smile

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