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i have no sympathy for drug addicts or even for occasional users, as i believe that any kind of drug abuse will lead to heavier use and possibly addiction to stronger and more dangerous drugs.
this poem is on it's way to becoming a song and gives a stark warning at the effect that addiction and death from drug taking can have on those who live on...the families.

An empty bed. by phill williams.

little people live in shadows.
so they ride upon that train
living half their lives in ecstasy
the other half in pain

spending all their money
then they steal to get some more
living for that moment
every day
living for the score

then all the friends and family
that tried to help are gone
and the needle lays upon the ground
and the heart just can't go on

and another nameless urchin
that the streets have claimed lay dead
while another distraught mother
mourns his empty bed.

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Re: an empty bed

Hey Phill - Poignant and moving poem. There's a TV series that just ended it's run this year, but was quite popular in the states called Breaking Bad that touches on this subject in many episodes. I agree that sympathy can be difficult to give to those who have become addicted to drugs, but drug addiction is a sad situations for all the lives, including the addicts', that are or will be adversely impacted.

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Hi Jeff,

thanks for the read, my argument is that no one forced the addicts to become addicts (unless ditto "French Connection") there is enough education out there now for kids to know what they are getting themselves into.

a young lad came to work in the same factory as me, at first he was diligent and wanted to learn the job. after a while his time keeping became tardy and he'd arrive at work looking like something you might step in at a dogs home! we learnt that he had given another lad a cocktail of drugs which killed the lad, unintentionally, then a few months later he himself died during a drug orgy. his friends dumped his body in an alley!

the police and the government delight in telling us (if we are caught) that it is up to us to find out what the law says, so we must have a knowledge of the law, "cos they aint gonna tell us". yet there is so much said, and written in the papers about drug abuse, that addicts have no excuse.

i also blame TV, music and films that glorify drug taking. during the 60's the Beatles said that taking LSD expanded their minds and permitted them to write better songs. this is crap IMO. Lennon had been a heroin addict but was clean when he was murdered. the "Double fantasy" album was written clear of drugs and alcohol!

"All you need is love"

sorry for the sermon


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Re: an empty bed

Great poem Phill, my opinion on the whole drug culture is pretty much the same as yours.

With all the knowledge out there from news reports to so called celebrities dying from overdosing I am constantly amazed that people START taking drugs.I'm sure they all think they are recreational users ( whatever the heck that means ) who can control the habit.

The odds at quiting for good at rehab are not so hot either so I find it difficult to have much sympathy for the users. The families that are affected are the ones I would try to help if I had the oppertunity.

Anyway, like I said , great poem.


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thanks jamie. it's a sad truth theses days that drug use (at least in the UK) is a family affair. if you watch programmes like Jeremy Kyle (and i try not to) you get to see the dregs of society fighting it out on TV over who's used the last of the heroin.

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Man, that sounds like a horribly fascinating show to watch, like how we drive past the scene of a motor accident and cant seem to stop ourselves from gawking at the carnage.

Family values seem lacking these days in certain societies.

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unfortunately jamier, it's one of those reality programmes that are all over TV these days, it's rather like jerry wotzizname on steroids without the fake fights. when the fights start, the camera cuts away and all the swear words are beeped out, so you miss most of the conversation.

oh yeah, jerry springer

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