Re: Just bought a new (to me) Martin Custom Jumbo!

Really glad you are getting your money,I hope you can find a good guitar now and ask the sender too insure it,I think we all learned something from this. I will insure anything I send too someone from now on.

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Re: Just bought a new (to me) Martin Custom Jumbo!

HEY JEFF! DONT KNOW WHAT YOU PUT OUT FOR THAT MARTIN BUT LOOK AT THE "DEAL"  ON AMAZON I FOUND LAST NIGHT! <please note the high sarcasim in that line> … lor+guitar

however there are some really nice ones for less also. … lor+guitar

But I know they are not Martins.

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Re: Just bought a new (to me) Martin Custom Jumbo!

I feel bad for the lady that sold me the guitar, but she is only out a guitar that wasn't being used - I couldn't just sit back and pay $$$$ for a guitar I never saw or touched! The onus is on the shipper to protect themselves. The receiver simply cannot do it - I can't order insurance or require a signature for something shipped by another!

I've got my eye on another - may be a NGD tomorrow. But no details until she is in my arms!

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Re: Just bought a new (to me) Martin Custom Jumbo!

I can't believe anyone would ship a valuable guitar without insurance.  I simply can't.  I do feel badly for her too.  Stinking thieves.  How many of us have saved for years to get the guitars we want, and here some ne'er-do-well has it free and clear just for walking up a set of stairs.  It riles me up something fierce.

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