Topic: The Death of a Piano Maker

I don't play the piano and I've never heard of this brand but the story sounds familiar. I bet Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Guild can sympathize. … inal-chord


Re: The Death of a Piano Maker

I don't play piano either, but this is sad news. It's a shame that a business with such a long history has to shut down.

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Death of a Piano Maker

As our ever-evolving digital world moves along, stories like this will continue to flow into the wake. Electronic keyboards have covered off the vast majority of the market, so that the demand for true "from scratch" pianos must surely be small. E-readers are replacing books, digital cameras have made film obsolete, the internet has replaced encyclopedias and newspapers, and so on.

Too bad, but it's the inevitable price of development ...