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Has anyone ever had this happen? I had my sister-in-law over the house at xmas. She was looking at my guitars. Note: She doesn't know a thing about guitars or any kind of instruments. She saw my Strat and Yamaha  SJ-180. And others. Then she saw my 59 Gibson LG 2. When she heard how much it cost, she said "What are you nuts you paid **** for that, Why?" I said because it`s a Gibson. She had no idea how something that looks like it`s been run through the wringer could be worth so much. She see`s that you can get a shiny new First Act at Target or Wal Mart for 50.00.  I also bought my brother a bottle of Jonnie Walker Blue for xmas. She couldn`t see why I would pay so much for a bottle of scotch when I could get a gallon of J & B or Cutty Sark for so much cheaper. For starters, my brother has done a lot for me and he deserved it. Almost like buying a huge bottle of cologne for 2.00 when a tiny bottle costs 100.00. The old saying that you get what you pay for. Basically, she sees the outside package only. It doesen`t matter if  the small bottle of cologne smells better than the cheap huge bottle. Or the good liquor is so much more than a big bottle of cheap liquor. Has anyone ever had a friend or relative like that?? No matter how you tried to reason with them about the value of things, they just don`t get it. It isn`t just guitars. Anything.

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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

Oh yeah ... big time from my Dad!

He's 78 and I guess that entitles him to comment on whatever he wishes. I love him greatly, but he has quirks like the rest of us. He has to comment regularly on my guitars (4), and moreso about the fishing rods (8). There are three analogies which relate to him that I've had somewhat moderate success with:

Golf Clubs - a #1 wood is great for teeing off, but there are different situations throughout the game where different clubs are required. Like that, music has different styles that are played in different ways.

Tools - a hammer is great for pounding in nails, but a carpenter needs many other tools to build a piece of furniture. Like that, fishing in different conditions for different species requires different tools.

Cooking -  a fryingpan is great for making bacon & eggs, but if one wishes to bake cookies or make a fish chowder, a different cooking pot is needed.

The quality issue is quite another. Some folks have bought into the "It's only a deal if it's cheaper!" mentality, but there are very few situations in life where this holds true! If something is only for temporary or occasional use, quality probably isn't a priority. But if a person intends to keep something and use it regularly over the long-term, the best deal is usually to buy the best one that can be afforded. Many people are just too lazy to bother learning about the item they're going to buy, apart from price shopping on Amazon.

We know that foreign VS domestic manufacturing affects that logic a lot, but a discerning buyer learns to look way beyond the price tag. A guy I know is in the industrial clothing business, and has this sign on the back of his office door:

"There's always someone who can make it a little worse, and sell it a little cheaper."

That's my "two-cents-worth", and even at that price it's not much of a bargain!  smile

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People with little or no knowledge of a particular item can't see what all the fuss is about.  It's a common thing.  Some people love boats.  All I can see is the great expense of taking one out.  I'm just not interested in boats.  It's nice to have different opinions on any given subject or item of interest.

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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

Oh yeah, people say I have expensive taste. I buy what I want when I can afford it. But I try to find the best deal I can get. Buy what you want when you can afford it. It doesn't matter what, not everyone agrees on what has value. If you get happiness from what you have that's all that matters. In many cases like your Gibson it has more monetary value than most people know. Don't worry about them, it didn't cost them a thing.
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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

It works that way with people too.  Some of the biggest hearted, kindest, most honorable people I have ever known look pretty rough. Truth be told, they are pretty rough. But they're kings to me.

As far as things go, I call that phenemenon knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

I do not worry about people like that,it is a waste of time so best too ignore the comments.To answeryour question yes I have relitives like that.

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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

LOL  family/inlaw angst ...  i totally get it.
Give it up, bud.  You can't fix stupi...  er I mean SIL, or dad, or (pick your fav relative....)

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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

I've spent lots of money over the years on guitars, canoes, kayaks, rafts, camping and fishing gear.  If you break it down to the cost of use however, it's only pennies per hour.  A  brand-name $1500 guitar is still worth at least $1000 after 10 years (some may be worth more than you paid originally).  If you averaged playing an hour a day the actual cost would be about 11 cents an hour, not counting the years of enjoyment.  By contrast, a $100 dinner at a nice restaurant will still leave you feeling hungry 8 hours later.


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Re: Outside Package. It`s whats inside that counts.

Right on DE. And you are still out the $100.