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It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and changed the US music scene forever.  40% of all the TVs in America were tuned in to listen to the Fab Four that night.  The way we dressed, cut our hair and music we listened to and played changed from that day. Within a few months even the 17-piece band I was playing drums with was able to obtain a "Big Band" arrangement of Beatles hits and it became our most requested medley at Country Club and Elks Club dances.

How did the last 1/2 century go by so quickly?


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It does almost seem like yesterday.  I was just becoming a teenager when they came on the scene.  Their music changed a lot of lives

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I have my own little Beatles story, I may have put it up before, if so sorry.

Any way, I was around 11 and due to spring tides and a flooded road, my father had to take the long way home, we had radio Luxembourg on in the car when this rock and roll track came on and made my hair stand on end, it was "My Bonnie" the only time it was played on the radio. Many years later after reading The Beatles biography, that somewhere in Liverpool one George Harrison was also listening, so to me that instance gave me a feeling of brotherhood with George, God rest and bless him.

The following year when the Beatles became "main stream" I became a fan again and I have all their records in vinyl, cassette and CD! I say "again" because I found a record in 1968 of recordings made while they played in Hamburg and "My Bonnie" was included on the disc.

PS, I've had to listen to "New" by Paul 3 times to get into it, but now I'm glad I took the time, it's brilliant though not as good as "Memory almost full"

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its hard to believe its half a century plus since The Beatles not only changed the music scene but our way of life as well , i know there are many milestones in musical history but to me the Beatles had a big influence in so many ways. One of my earliest memories was hiding behind the sofa with my ancient transistor radio listening to radio luxemberg ( pirate radio station ) waiting for the first play of their new single  think it was Lady Madonna , can`t be sure though , and hoping they would play it before i had to go to bed ! The good old days !!

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Has anyone else hear Pauls recording with David Ghrol? its called Cut me some slack and won a Grammy. (I think it may have been a freebe to paul) but its the most rocking thing I have heard from Paul in a long time.

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I remember watching them on the Ed Sullivan show,I was just getting into my teen years. I think Ed Sullivan was a smart man by bringing in so many new entertainers Elvis,Buddy Holly, Jerry lee lewis, Little Richard,The Everly Bros. Rolling Stone's, Chuck Berry and many more.

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that's the first time i've heard that, kinda reminds me of "helter skelter" and mccartney sounds very much like lennon don't you think?

is that a cigar box guitar he's playing?

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The Beatles? Funny name. Maybe I'll have to check them out.

Just kidding.

I have only been around for 38 of those 50 years. They are definitely a great influence on music as we know it.

Happy anniversary to the Beatles!!!!!!!

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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I guess I was 6 months in the womb when the Beatles landed in the US. However I have loved them my entire life. My Aunt (mom's younger sister) was a hippie and a huge Beatles fan - I remember her room covered with Beatles posters and listening to the 45's on her little record player. Later, when the Beatles were first issued on CD, I had a standing order for every CD as they were released. Still today one of my favorite bands - the catalog as a whole is amazing. Lennon as a composer is equal to Mozart, Beethoven - anyone who has ever made music. I still have several original Beatles albums on vinyl including  Meet The Beatles LP - probably from my Mom's collection - I just saw an original edition going for $2,200! I'll have to dig that out of the basement and keep better care of it!

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50 years ago I was 22 seems like yesterday(no pun intended) I was with a band called the "Mojo Men" we were rehearsing when the Beatles came on the Ed Sullivan show we watched it and that evening we started working on Beatles songs we had a gig in a club downtown in Milwaukee and we played several Beatles songs the audience loved it I think we were the 1st group to cover there songs in Milwaukee's clubs but not for long on a side note Lonnie Mack performed in the same club he played his hit "Memphis" his amp was an old Magnagtone but it sounded fantastic smile

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