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Someone posted a thought-provoking account a while ago, involving something that happened in the middle of a lake somewhere. So the poet's hat when on, I came up with the following:


The new life started with its hopes and its joys,
With aspirations and dreams for our little boys,
As they learned, and they grew, and they played with their toys,
Their laughter and voices were the happiest noise.

Then we reached the middle of the lake,
Where the start seemed so far and the dock seemed so small,
And we wondered at times how we'd cope with it all,
Oft tired, oft helpless, in the middle of the lake.

Our young boys grew, and men they became,
Independence asserted, free to navigate,
We watched them struggle in the currents of life,
Praying spectators, in the middle of the lake.

They tell us now they watched, as we grew and overcame,
Worried that age might snare and overtake,
Funny how the shoreline is never quite the same,
Seen through others eyes, not the middle of the lake.

It's not much of a poem, but most parents of grown children will be able to relate.

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relates to what my late parents probably thought of me

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I liked it! I wonder why my parents let me go out in the wide open sea so much,I learned too sail small boats that way.

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Very nice thanks for sharing.

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Nice words ,I did a poetry lesson the other day for a class of 15yr old girls this would have been relevant to the poem we discussed .

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unfortunately all my kids live within 5 minutes walking distance, except the one living in Australia! just kidding about the unfortunately bit!

yep you're quite right about the growing-up and moving on and how good it is to see them (go home?) LOL. with 11 grandkids the quiet life the wife and i dreamt of as they were growing up hasn't happened yet and is unlikely to...enjoyed the poem, i'd like to see more.


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Very nice, not at all what I expected though!  Sitting in the middle of the lake conjures up different thoughts from my memory... like letting it all go, rather than deep thinking.  I like it!  smile

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Appreciate the kind words, folks ... thanks.

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Having raised four children who are now adults and having spent many a time in the middle of lakes while crossing them during wilderness canoe trips (sometimes during storms), I think you've captured the feelings/emotions of what it's like TF.  Well done.


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