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Well, I am a bit of a sucker for "Vintage -- good deals"

1979 Larrivee 12 string - man that just smacks of awesomeness...
Hmmm sounds pretty good when you say it fast.  In actual fact its in pretty rough shape but my luthier buddy says I'll be amazed when I see what he does with it.

Kinda reminds me of a cuckoo clock I bought for $2 -- $120 later it keeps reasonable time.  LOL

I'll let you know how it works out.

Sorry, can't figure out how to imbed a pic...  try this: … mp;theater


Is it just cosmetic? Is the price right? Does it play good?You will be amazed at what a good setup can do.

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Right click on your photo to find it's URL, then write img within square brackets followed by the URL then finish with /img within square brackets and you have:

A great looking 12er
smile Roger

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That doesn't look like it's in rough shape to me.  That looks terrific. 

There are a few songs for which I'd like to have a 12 string.

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Nice 12 string,have fun tuning and string changing.

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dino48 wrote:

Nice 12 string,have fun tuning and string changing.

lol lol

Yep! I love mine but hate the changes and tuning.

Now I gotta get the whole bridge / saddle fixed because it is pulling up from the back. mad

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I have my hands full with just 6 strings. 6 more would drive me nuts.

Happy NGD!!!

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J3, the price was right... $80-- pretty hard to get hurt too bad.

But way more than cosmetic issues.  The headstock has been repaired -- quite nicely but...
Neck is actually fractured this is the main issue - can't even tune it at this point far too unstable;
Bridge lifting  - par for the course on a 30 year old 12er but better than most;
Several fret wires missing (what's that about??)

But the face is true, no lifting or warping etc.  beat to hell and back so finish is in rough shape but only one moderate crack.  Sides some relatively serious cracks. 

Why would I buy such a thing?  Well Larrivee is a pretty good Canadian name and this was early Larrivee so maybe some intrinsic value there.  Mostly tho, my gi-tar man says he can put it right for some long term play so I figure "what the heck."  Love the inlays.

It will be interesting to see how it works out.
Tuning and string changes -- yeah  I can hardly wait!


It's a lovely looking guitar Jim!  Congrats on your NGD!  Hoping once it's fixed up it sounds as beautiful as it looks.

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Update -- At last, NGD for real!


Hi all,  I've been away a bit but I thought you'd like to see the finished product.

Yes, she's finally outta the hospital and sounds amazing!
Lots of character left but top is refinished and the neck put right.

A couple pics at my FB page … mp;theater … mp;theater

I got some help from builder, David Gilmore, in my home town.  He does some awesome work.  If anyone is shopping for a hand built, (hmmm is a shameless plug allowed??) is a worthwhile stop.



I like the new color (or lack there of) so much better. That orangeish yellow wasn't working for me. Happy official NGD.

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Looks great Jim - Would love to hear her!

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It looks fantastic.  I know Larrivees always sound good.

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If it comes from the heart and you add a few beers... it'll be awesome! - Mekidsmom
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Lovely!  Doesn't even look like the same guitar. Enjoy. smile

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jg, sorry I didn't see this post, earlier. Congrat's on the new old  guitar. Don't worry about the age - a good setup, new strings a little tweaking of the tuners and I bet she sounds great. Shoot, my wife is a '52 model and once I get her in tune ........................ How do you have your 12 set-up? I put a ste of 9 / 42 Ernie Ball "Earthwoods" on mine and they soung really good. My guitar' action in set low, no buzz, and plays smooth as buttah.
With lite guage strings you should be able to tune to open E and keep it there. With heavier strings you may want to tune down a half or a whole step and capo u[ to open E. You will need to get you a different capo for your 12 string, though, as the neck is just a little wider than a 6 string and it will have a little more tension. So far I haven't found any songs that sound bad on a 12 string. I have trouble putting mine down. Keep us informed on how you like the 12'er.



Nice one, Jim! Enjoy!

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What a difference between the before and after pics! You have a bonified beauty in your hands now. Hope she plays and sounds as good as she looks!


Thanks everyone, it's a real beaut indeed.

Like Nela says, its hard to put down.  I really like the natural finish and all the repairs seem to be solid.

Dave had it tuned to concert pitch and didn't think there was any need to back it off at all.  He must have put a very light set of strings on - not hard on the fingers whatsoever.  Low action as well with no buzz.  I did find a 12 str capo - Quite the workout using that one!

Great sound with a huge voice... I am amazed it worked out so well.

Gotta go play some wink


Wow! What a beautiful restoration job on a top-notch guitar!

That looks to be an L-05-12 (except for the fret board inlays) which lists at $2908 MSRP on Larrivee's website: … /L0512.php

What you've got there is way beyond a good deal; you hit the jackpot. And I see you're from BC ... nice to get a locally-made guitar of this quality. I for one am 100% envious ... congratulations!