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Topic: Meet Dreadnoughtus

A giant sauropod dinosaur found in Argentina is the largest land animal ever discovered for which a body mass can accurately be calculated.

http://www.cnet.com/news/supermassive-d … dnoughtus/

Big acoustic guitars named after large battleships? Not hardly!

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Nao that is one big animal,I am betting it was not a meat eater.

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A Canadian comedian named Charlie Farqhuarson (Don Herron) once described these large herbivores like this:

"This here big feller had the body of a hippie-optimist, a neck like a g'why-why-raff, and coulda picked the tea leaves from the toppa the tree like it sez in yer Red Rose advertisements. Y' woulda hafta stand on toppa yer stool fer t' milk 'em."

But seriously, I'm not sure where the name "dreadnought" came from for that certain acoustic guitar's body shape.

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sounds like a heavy metal band, although the write up mentions T Rex so I suppose they must be another Glam Rock band.
Although I've never heard of them they must have been big in Argentina.

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keepitreal wrote:

they must have been big in Argentina.

Well done.

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it seems that most of the really big dinos came from patagonia, must be good feeding down there?

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Phill speaking of dinosaurs next month I turn 73 lol

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Russell_Harding wrote:

Phill speaking of dinosaurs next month I turn 73 lol

So, if you turn 73 that is 37 you become next month Russ smile


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