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Topic: Interested in buying one of Dylan's guitars?

You've probably heard of Alibaba, the giant Chinese online retailer that recently had its IPO. Well, it turns out there's guitar brand on Alibaba called "Dylan" -- parent company is Huizhou Densun Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. They sell a solid top/laminate back and sides acoustic. So if you want to be able to say to your friends that you just bought one of Dylan's guitars, check out Alibaba. big_smile

Re: Interested in buying one of Dylan's guitars?

Sneaky  bunch arent they!

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Re: Interested in buying one of Dylan's guitars?

There seem to be a number of guitar companies emerging from Asia, using this "solid top - laminate sides and back" construction method. I guess if it's putting decent instruments in people's hands at an affordable price, that's sort of okay. On principle, I dislike that this hurts domestic producers, and that they're capitalizing on a heritage that's ours and not theirs.

Just saying ...