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New project  started  today   I  found  a  cheap  cigar box in an antique shop today  so  I  thought  it  time  I stretched my  carpentry skills
Next I need to  find  a  suitable  piece of  hard wood for the neck . This  will  be  three string  and  fret less  and I'll  probably wind  my  own pickup  as well .I  think it  should  be  made  as  cheap as possible  it  all  adds to  the  style  and  appeal of  an instrument like this.

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Hope we get too see it on action when you are done.

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Fun project, keep us posted with progress (including photos) please.


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Yes, I wanna see that thing when you get it done, Grah. Also plans if you don't mind. smile

I wanna be Bo Diddley's "Mini-Me"! smile


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made a  start  today   by  cleaning  the  box  out   some  one  had stuck paper inside the  box and  some  plastic  foam  as  it  had  been used for storing  fishing tackle I've scrubbed  the  box out  and now  I  can mark and  cut it  to  accept  the  neck so its  off to  the  wood  yard  for  some  oak  or  mahogany

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Did you ever finish this project Grah, any photos? I know you brought one from The Works, a £30er as I did. Mine sounds awful, but I think the problem is with me, not the guitar. I can only play a couple of lines of I will return, by Springwater. You have to be of a certain age to remember that.

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No I didnt finish it yet .At the moment I'm unpacking all the stuff I've brought back from Crete its a night mare .I'll get back onto it when i can  but i think its gonna be a while.