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I want to share with you my 2 original songs, it’s only 2 demo.
I don’t have a bassist, drummer, that’s why my songs might change if I had a band.

“Left Alone” is a folk song about loneliness.
“Home of The Braves” is a classic rock song about my roots, what I am, what I feel. I'm Belgian, with an American father, and a US family.
That's why I said "you'll maybe notice it by my accent", I might have a strange accent... ah ah
There’s also some global idea, each phrases could have a different sense depending of your own interpretation.

I created this soundcloud account to know what the people think about my music. Instead of playing in my room, keeping my tracks privately. Moreover, I'd like to play live.

I’d like to have feedback!

Left Alone

Home of The Braves


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Good work Curtis both songs sound well done. Thank you for sharing.

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nice song Curtis.Yeah stick them on soundcloud.
I did this a few months ago,found it very scary
as i`m pretty average.But hey at least we out there doing it!
Be yourself & enjoy the trip.

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Thank you dino48 and easybeat!

"Be Yourself" it's also a great Graham Nash song smile


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Curt, I just heard , Home of the Braves. Man that is an awsome song, I can hear Neil Young all over it, but thats not a bad thing is it. A great piece of work and you should be proud. Thanks for sharing.

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Well done Curt both are good strong songs and I too feel a little Neil Young influence there however being totaly constructive in my comments I must say that for me there is a little too much distortion on home of the brave I would like to hear the guitar cleaned up a littlle but if it was your intention to have a dirty acoustic sound then ok its still a good song ,keep em coming

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Thanks Grah1

Actually I play more with my acoustic guitar and I was thinking about recording an acoustic version of "Home of The Braves", I only have one micro, recording with an electric and singing at the same time is a bit hard because I have to push up my voice, so my voice isn't so natural I think.

I'd like to have a band, but I want to play country/folk, because I'm at ease with this musical genre and because I'm half US, though I live in Belgium and country/folk isn't popular here, even unknown for a big part of the population...


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That's very well done, Curt!

The beauty of any song (especially if it's your own) is you can play any version or style of it you want. I'm partial to the clean, "big room" sound w/ Phaser often used by David Gilmour, but don't think if it would be very good for your composition.

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I liked Home of the Brave  - I agree w Graham......  would like the lyrics of such an important message front the guitar - I  think you are right that acoustic would accomplish that. That being said -- excellent man !!  I enjoyed it !

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