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Topic: Edgar Froese June 6, 1944 - Jan 20, 2015

A sudden pulmonary embolism took the life of Germany's Edgar Froese on January 20, 2015. Edgar would have celebrated his 71st birthday this coming June, and yet was still touring the world with his signature musical creations.

Edgar's primary legacy to music is the formation of the group "Tangerine Dream" in 1967, which was still touring in 2014. TD is perhaps best known for pioneering electronic / symphonic music, with strong classical influences. Over their amazing 47-year career, TD pioneered numerous electronic instruments, recording effects, and digital sequencers ... to name only a few. Edgar was also a decent guitarist, and often stepped away from his keyboards to play his smooth guitar style. Tomorrow's "Prog Rock Chill Out" will feature concert footage of a piece featuring Edgar playing guitar live.

The modern era of music would not have been the same with out you, Edgar ... Rest in Peace.


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Re: Edgar Froese June 6, 1944 - Jan 20, 2015

RIP edger, I saw last week that Dallas Taylor passed away He played the drums for crosby stills nash and young.

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Re: Edgar Froese June 6, 1944 - Jan 20, 2015

Oh, noes!

I just now saw this... Tangerine Dream is one of my all-time faves.


R.I.P. Edgar

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