Topic: Upcoming NUD, gotta pick just one, it's hard

My bandmates surprised me this birthday with a generous (for poor student's standards) sum of money for a new uke as they seem to be concerned about the condition of my current one.

Well, I wish they were more specific though. I have a Dimavery UK300 baritone that does have 2 nasty cracks and some random dings and was never super high quality to begin with, but luckily they aren't spreading too much and it sounds still decent, keeps in tune well, and though any instrument with fine cracks is a ticking time bomb, this one seems to stick to it's dear life, and I suspect I might still be able to play it for years ur if the cracks get worse, get it mended.

I've got 60 euros from my mates, and could add max another 30 on top of that, but that's including shipping and a set of nice strings. And I live in the middle of nowhere, so I guess the 60 is about the price I'm looking at.

The options are either getting another baritone or getting a smaller sized uke. to be honest my heart isn't exactly excited about another similar quality baritone. That leaves me with getting something smaller. I was thinking concert size (I've held my cousin's soprano, an that's getting a tad ridiculous how tiny it is, but I still want that tiny jumping flea feel)

What are my options? What should I look at, which brands? I guess I'm more likely to buy online, as here most music stores carry mostly the 20 euro brightly coloured soprano uke kind of stuff.

Re: Upcoming NUD, gotta pick just one, it's hard

The best place to go for advice like this is Ukulele Underground Forum. Good luck!