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IS put a gun then a hammer in my hand..
They said
The AK is for your future the hammer for their past.
We are the sweeping hand of God we will leave holy destruction in our wake.
For we hold the truth that breaks the infidels lies.
No earthly values for us to share just the hammer of God to bless and wield.
No tolerance is acceptable compassion a sin.
The ancient fallen buildings leave a smile on the face of God.
We are the deadly truth and the future is ours the past is theirs and it is turned to ruin in our holy wake.
Go forth soldier of IS and leave your mark for paradise awaits.

I watched a recent documentary on how IS (Islamic State) is destroying ancient monuments in the lands they have occupied.

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good   poem Ark

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Now write a response, ark. smile

IMHO, those people are not worth the energy you spent writing the poem, although it does show us their way of thinking about what is important to us.

So those soldiers guarding our monuments may have to keep their eyes peeled.

As my wife would say, EWWWWW! I hate that phrase!


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I  wrote   this  song  after   the  executions    by  IS earlier  this year  I  dont   think  I  posted  it .

Dark is  the  weather
Grey is  the  sky
sad  are  the  people  preparing to  die
who knows why  they  suffer the  people  relate
all now must  perish   for  that  is  their  fate
oh  why do they  have
to make  there  wars
what makes it right  to follow  a  cause
do you  think that your  god  tells  you the  truth
do you really  think he's speaking to  you
Forgotten faces  on a big screen
cant understand  the  horror  they've seen
what is  the  reason  no  one  can say 
as the blade  strikes  you all look away

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when i was around 6 or 7, we used to play a game called "best falling dead" ridiculous now when i think about it, but i guess it had to do with all the cowboy/war/gangster movies we used to watch. it was harmless because you'd see a fella die in one film then there he was in another film!

this has nothing to do with IS al-qaida or any of those other murderous, power hungry, megalomaniacs and their so easily duped  followers. i just cant imagine looking at this beautiful world from 6 feet up then suddenly the last thing i see is the same thing from ground level just before the lights go out permanently.

i have to ask myself how the human race is still here after the likes of hitler, pol pot, the romans, the spanish inquisition, and all the massacres of prehistory.

if there is a God (and i'm sorry i find it harder to believe there is one) i hope that those sub-humans burn in hell and not enjoying paradise and all those virgins like they're promised.

by the way, very good work ark and you've done a good piece of work too grah

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I know it's daft to feel more unsettled by the destruction of old buildings than the deaths of so many innocent people but I do.
Maybe I shouldn't give them the time of day but I do.
I'm just glad that I can watch it through a glass screen and not experience the horror first hand.

Thanks Bill and Phill  for your comments.
That was powerful poem Graham.

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Powerful stuff Ark.

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