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My  band  mate  brought  me a Rickenbacker 620 to  try  the  other  day ,Ive   never  tried  one  before and  I  must  say  in some  respects  I  was  very impressed .It  had  the  lowest  action of any   guitar I  have  ever  played   ,but  the way  its  wired  up  was  very  confusing it  has  2  outputs one  mono and  one  stereo , so  as we didnt  have  a  stereo   cable  I couldnt  test  it  in that  mode   however   in mono  through a custom amp  on the  clean channel it  sounded  great ,so  easy  on the  fingers  great  for  bar  chords .All  in all  a very  nice  instrument

Re: nice guitar day

Happy NGD, Graham!

I looked your rig up on Rickenbacker's site, and that's a real beauty for sure:

I recall watching a "rig rundown" clip of Chris Squire, explaining the dual output jacks on his Rick bass. He said he ran one output straight to the first input on his amp for the pure sound of the guitar itself. He then ran the second chord through his effects setup, then to the second input on his amp. In this way, he could layer the natural sound with the modified sound, without compromising either one. Made some sense, and his signature sound is well known over his years with YES.

Congrats buddy ... have fun with it!

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