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Topic: Fifty years

I was feeling nostalgic and thinking about my mother and father in law. So I wrote this. I can't find the heart to put chords to it. If someone else could, that would be nice.

For most of the time I knew them, they fought continuously. So much so that they purposefully  bought a house with two separate living areas as they almost couldn't stand to be in the same room.   My mother in law suffered a series of mini strokes followed by a doozey of a big one that left her paralysed down one side, bed ridden and her speech was badly slurred. My Father in law spent almost every waking hour at her bedside until the night she died. I don't think he ever got over his loss.

Fifty Years

Been married over fifty years
Sometimes happy, sometimes tears
Common interests had long since died
Now they hardly even tried
Wouldn’t share a double bed
Romance well and truly dead

They used to fight most every day
Both wanting things their own way
Both fought dirty, both fought hard
Both of them were badly scarred

Then one day she had a stroke
The poor old man, his heart was broke
Not able to get out of bed
Still alive but better dead
He sat beside her bed all day
Nearly a year she passed away

The next ten years he sorely grieved
Until it was his time to leave
And join her on heaven’s fair shore
Back in love for ever more.

Re: Fifty years

I like it .

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

Re: Fifty years

Beesty have you ever thought about putting a poetry book out of your poems??? I would like to buy a copy.  When I read your words about life and history in poetry or songs they hit the right spot for me. I salute you the Bard of Wainuiomata.
For those not from here  that last word in the sentence sounds like this Why- New- E- A- Mata. Beastie's part of Welly Town.

Re: Fifty years

This is soooo good, Beestie ... I'm nearly in tears. With you being so close to the situation, I can imagine it would be nearly impossible to read this to someone else, let alone try to sing it. Some feelings (IMHO) are best left as poetry ... the rest is private.

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Re: Fifty years

this has to be one of the most heart rendering poems i've ever read.  there are many ways of describing true love, some arty some in-yer-face, but what we have here is a third party description which reminds me quite a bit of my own situation. we argue over everything from wall papering to how jumpers should be folded! we will never get to the stage where we live separate lives in the same house but i hope if we get to the situation where she (or i) become dependant upon the other i (or she) can step up to the mark, she's looking over my shoulder as i write this and says she will even if i don't!

this is a truly beautiful and dare i say brilliant poem. i feel sorrow for your and especially your wife's loss and i agree, your work deserves to be in print.


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Re: Fifty years

Awesome !

You can't make this stuff up - it is what makes the best writing.

Makes us all realize that sometimes what we take for granted is what we will miss the most when its gone.

Life's too short to spend time arguing over the small stuff - enjoy it and those you love while you can

Great poem, beautifully written - and I agree - leave the music out - its too good as as it is.

Thanks Beestie for sharing !

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Re: Fifty years

Really pulls at the heart strings. I gotta agree with Jim, its beautiful just as it is.

Live in the "now" - a contentment of the moment - the past is gone - the future doesn't exist - all we ever really have is now and it's always "now".

Re: Fifty years

beestie, wow, very touching, thanks for sharing.  Agree with Peatle re poetry book, you have a talent.

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Re: Fifty years

Wow! Agree with Jandle and bluejeep and the others: this one really tells the story of their lives for those who never knew them, beestie and I wouldn't change a thing. I especially liked how you led up to the ending; him sitting beside the bed - waiting.


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