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Ok - here is the song about Christmas dinner

It's funny ,  but then it's not.

Hope you like it.

If someone that could actually could sing and play it  well, I think it would be pretty cute.

Thanks for listening !


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Re: post on sound cloud - The Christmas Dinner

hi jim, enjoyed it very much. don't keep apologising for your voice, it's in tune all the way though, and your guitar playing is also good. and the story is heart warming and well written. so, all plusses. well done.

if i may suggest something that might help though? work on your breathing. because you run out of breath half way through a line you throw the timing my friend.....deep breaths.

merry christmas to you, mrs jim and the jimettes


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Re: post on sound cloud - The Christmas Dinner

hi jim that sounds great keep up the good work....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Re: post on sound cloud - The Christmas Dinner


I wrote you some notes on the Cloud, but wanted to let you know my thoughts here as well.

I love the song and the way you styled it very much. It's the kind of song I can imagine you doing at family Christmas Get Togethers and even have the kids sing it along with you (pass around the lyrics on paper). You managed to tell a very complex "story" in a way even kids can understand (well, those 8 and over, anyway) and the music fits the words just right.

I'd like it if you'd consider doing it this year (if it's not hurrying you) and just pass it down as a family "heirloom" -- it's that good and that meaningful.

On a side note, I think many of us here on Chordie write and perform some very interesting songs and poems which deserve to be remembered not only by your friends here and other  friends but by your children and grandchildren as well. However, we don't always look at what we create as something "special" or we're our own worst critic.

So make yourselves your own dvd/cd with what you consider your best stuff and leave it for the family to remember you by - musically. We're all musicians and we're all proud of what we do, so let's leave some music and words behind. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next Van Gogh or Beethoven: appreciated more after you've left the planet. smile

That last was "tongue in cheek" of course, but please think about it, okay?

Your friend


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Re: post on sound cloud - The Christmas Dinner

Great song Jim. I think your voice is what makes it work, it's got style.

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