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I viewed the movie "Hateful Eight". I liked it. One of my favorite scenes is when Jennifer Jason Leigh-as-Daisy Domergue picks up what appears to be a more or less period correct guitar and plays a haunting ballad. It turns out she learned the song and how to play guitar for the movie! At the end of the scene the guitar is smashed by Kurt Russell. I wondered about that.

Well, it turns out if WAS more to less a period correct guitar on loan from C.F. Martin! What a shame.

Here's the link to the story. … -eight-set

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I just finished reading that and watching the video clip. An 1870's Martin on loan from the Martin Museum.

There's also lots of internet buzz that the director intentionally allowed Russell to use the real thing to get a better reaction from the girl that was playing it. Rumor is; everyone on the set new it was a museum piece except Russell.

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Well an Esteban acoustic guitar would have been anachronistic!