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Hi All
Is it me or are all songs now in text pro format
cant change key or anything

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Hi Chris, nice to see you here. If you are not seeing something like this, try holding down the 'Shift' and press the 'Refresh' button a couple of times.


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Hi Roger
Thanks for reply. Tried that but doesn't work either on iPad or laptop. It's strange, all my songbooks on Chordie are in original format but the public books appear to be in text-only. Also just been looking at Eagles page and all their songs are in text only with no option to change key etc.

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Hi Chris,

If you are seeing the message below that I have circled in red, then the original has not been written in the correct manner to display with the ability to transpose and all the other niceties we expect with Chord-pro formatted songs. If you are not seeing the message please post the URL for the song/songs where there are problems. Roger