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New live show from XRT in Chicago. New sound. Very soulful, and Derek Trucks is one of the best in history:

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Very cool ... stylistically reminiscent of Steely Dan.

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baha    - After reading the Bald Eagles post, the fishing season post, I actually thought this was going to be about trucks.
What a pleasant surprise - this band is very good.  A cross between Bonnie Raitt and Steeley Dan.

It kind of created a picture in my head of what a band from all the Chordie Contributors might look like if they ever all got together and seriously played together for a while.
Let's see - Kiki Jan and Mekidsmom singing along with Mojo,  Gil and Phill on guitar and keyboard,  Strummerboy Bill on Percussion,  Dino and Beamer on Lead,  bluejeep, TF, BGD, and whoever else I'm unintentionally leaving out playing and singing backup ,  I am sure that would be fantastic!   an organized chordiestock band:)
Thanks for sharing

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