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Hi! I am learning to read music at last after many years and I'm getting on quite well, up until now! I am trying to play the melody to The Entertainer, in 2/2 time and quite often a 1/2 note gets one beat and the other beat is broken down into 4 eighth notes the first of which is tied to the 1/2 note. I am desperately trying to get the rhythm right but even when I slow right down I still find it impossible to assign some sort of count to it( eg like 4 beats = 1&2&3&4) If anyone can help me with this I will be eternally grateful  - Rick

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Happy to help but first...questions!

Do you know about subdividing further between beats and their "ands" for example  1 e and uh 2 e and uh 3 e and uh 4 e and uh?

Also do you practice with a metronome?

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Hi  - thanks for your offer of help,  I do know about subdividing but I've never really had to use it before, so I am not really practised at it. I do try to practice with a metronome but the one I have is an  speaking one and it only goes down to 40 bpm and I end up getting frustrated and confused, do I need to get one that goes slower?

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You need one that goes faster.

Instead of setting the metronome to click on every beat, set it four times as fast.  It will be clicking four times per beat.  That will help you with note placement since the note you're presently having trouble with releases between the beat and the "and."

Make sense?

On those four clicks you can place the following words for your counting:

Click 1 "One"
Click 2  "ee"
Click 3  "and"
Click 4 "uh"
Click 5 "two"
Click 6  "ee"
Click 7  "and"
Click 8 "uh"

And so on. 

Might be easier to explain via Skype. Happy to help if needed!

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Why is it that seemingly insurmountable problems have the simplest answers?? I tried this out last night and it works brilliantly at last I have regained control !! Many, Many Thanks, I am sure that this little trick will help me a lot with any future problems.  Once again, thanks a lot  -

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My pleasure. I'm pleased that it worked out!

Metronomes are magic. You should also try setting it to click once every other beat or once every four beats. Will help with your "internal metronome." smile