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Topic: Welcome to the Featured Song of The Month Forum Section!


Featured song of the month is the location where members can share their own version of a cover of one featured song each month!

The featured song will be either a popular song that is covered, or a Chordie member written song that is covered.  The song will be available either in the Chordie search engine or in the Song Writing section of the forums.  Once a song is chosen, all who would like to participate will be able to do a recording of the song, upload to an online service, and share a link to the recording!  DO NOT POST COPYRIGHT LYRICS IN THIS FORUM!  If a song is being covered that is a popular song, owned by someone other than a Chordie member, the lyrics can NOT be posted anywhere in the Chordie forums. 

What are the guidelines for a cover song? 
None really!  It can sound like the original if you like.  Or it can be your own take on the song!  Sometimes it's fun to switch up a popular slow song and turn it into rock, or take a heavy metal song and turn it into a ballad!  Whatever you like!!

Where do I upload my recording?
There's tons of free places to upload.  Youtube, Sound Cloud, Sound Click, etc.  Once you've got an account set up, you can upload your song and link to it in the appropriate thread.

How do I record?
Visit the recording section of the forums for suggestions and ideas on equipment and methods of recording and editing your recording.

Where do I post? 
There will be a new thread each month for the featured song of the month  You can post on that thread!  Please keep this section for featured songs only.  Questions about issues with Chordie, ability to log in, or conversation about your NGD or which mic to choose belong in other sections of the forums.  Be certain to look through all the sections, and if you're not sure, you can post in the Chat Section.  A moderator will move your thread if it fits better somewhere else!  If you'd like your own song to be considered, make sure to post it in the Songwriting section of the forums!

Additional notes:
1. Go to the thread for the current month to post your link of a recording for that song!

2. Go to the thread for the next month to see which song will be featured next.  Practice up!  Work on your recording!  Discuss the song! Don't post your link to the recording until the FIRST day of the month!  smile  We'll create this thread in advance so that you have time to work on it.  Some people may need only a few days, but others may need a few weeks.  This is why it's posted in advance!

3. Go to the thread for suggestions for the next month and add your thoughts on which song you'd like to see featured that month!

4. Suggestion threads will be closed once it's time to make decisions. While we want your suggestions, and thoughts on other people's suggestions, it will ultimately be a vote made by the moderators on which song will be featured next.  Song of the Month threads will NOT be closed.  So, if a year from now you want to go back to the May 2016 thread and listen to everyone's versions and add your own, FEEL FREE!

As always, please see the appropriate stickies at the top of each section of the forums.  The "About Chordie" section has general rules for using these forums.  If you're not sure if something is ok or not, feel free to email a moderator and ask!

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