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On the car ride home last year from a family reunion, Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven" came on the radio, and the words for this song presented themselves.  I grabbed the pen and paper and wrote and wrote.  I've worked on it here and there since, in memory of my daughter, CJ who was stillborn (quite a few years ago now).  Over this past weekend, I lost the last of my grandparents, which spurred me to finish the song yesterday. 

For the record, I don't know what I believe.  When I consider that death may simply be the end, not a new start, I do believe that for some that simple nothingness that may be there is better than the suffering they face in the end of their lives here.  My Grandpa certainly is in a better place now, even if it's just the end of his suffering here, though I sure hope he's been reunited with Grandma. 

I do hope there's a real "Better Place" all the same.

- yup, I finally created a soundcloud account too -

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Amy, Nice. I like the lyrics.

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Wonderful song Amy, well done.

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Well done Amy, I lost a son but that has been many years ago

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

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nice one Amy

out of tune out of key and out of touch

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Very emotional song Amy.  Voicing is excellent for the feeling of the song. I like it a lot.
and as for me- I believe in the better place!
Thanks for sharing


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I'm not ashamed to tell you this reduced me to tears. Last month my partner of over 40 years was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. Between daily sessions of radio/chemotherapy we try to make the most of every moment together.

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Amy ......I placed feedback on sound cloud for you  and as i said on there, a beautiful song performed and written by you, heart felt and emotionally touching.  It is a song that will touch people, their hearts, their thoughts .......
A question many people wonder about their loved ones when they pass on.   As for me, I believe there definitely is a good and not so good place ( heaven and hell)  and I  believe ALL children make it to heaven smile

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Comments left on your Facebook and SoundCloud accounts, Amy, but allow me to write just a little more about this moving song of yours...

Firstly, I'm going to invoke Mr. Kristofferson's quote with just a little edit: "You've been reading my (and I think most everyone's) mail". It's part of being human to wonder (and hope) that once we pass, that whatever part of us "travels on", will meet our loved ones, recognize them and continue the love we have/had here on Earth. I hope I have encompassed your meaning and the emotion with which you sang to us all.

Secondly, I don't know the total amount of time it took you, but I thank your Muse for keeping you going on it, because the finished work - if all of us had to wait on it - would definitely have been worth it.

Third - and not to belabor the point - you have a beautiful voice which fits like a glove with this song. I have said many times about you and the others, it would not surprise me one bit to hear your work on the air.

And last but not least: The "goose bumps" hit me which means that you and your song are: RIGHTEOUSsmile

Thank you for expressing my (and maybe all of our) thoughts so wonderfully!

Your Friend


PS: Dondra read the above and, after hearing "The Better Place" along with me, agrees whole-heartedly.

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Thank you all very much for your kind words!  smile  This is one of those songs that's taken me so long because ... I guess it's because while it's something everyone thinks about and considers at some point, it's something that manages to consume my thoughts each time someone I love passes.  Most of the people that I have loved deeply who have passed on had lived a full life. I KNOW that I am very lucky to be able to say that. Each of my grandparents were quite ill for a while before they passed.  In a way it was a breath of fresh air to know they weren't suffering any longer.  But, ya know, is Gramps up there 88 years old and nearly blind?  Is he the dapper young man my Grandma fell in love with that I never knew?  Is he drinking Irish Whiskey and telling railroad stories?  smile  Then the other side of the coin is my daughter... still just a baby, or would I greet a teenager now? 

Anyhow - since those are my deep thoughts, and the song catches a few of them - I worry that it comes off sounding just CHEESY, whiny, selfish, or stupid to others.  So, thanks to all of you for assuring me it doesn't!  Ha!

I'm not so sure about RIGHTEOUS Bill, but I am glad to know that it was touching and clear. 

You've all managed to make me tear all up - AGAIN!  Thank you for taking the time to listen, and comment.  smile  If anyone would like to play around with it or change it, or suggest changes, please do.  I had kind of wanted another verse, but I don't quite have the knack for wordplay that some of you are so very talented with so I just went with it.  wink  I don't have this typed out anywhere yet either.  It's all henscratch on lined paper at the moment.

Art and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder.
What constitutes excellent music is in the ears of the listener.

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you are a talented writer Amy, and it matters not a jot how long the words take to come out as long as the end result is this heart-felt and truthful.

i believe that as long as you think about someone who's passed sometimes they never really die. the frightening part is....are all your nearest and dearest looking down shaking their heads each time you do something you might be ashamed of. make-up your own mind as to what that may be.

thanks for sharing

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Amy you are a talented writer your song was one of those meant to be songs, perfectly written and delivered from the heart. Reading the comments above shows you have touched others hearts with your song also. Having the right words or songs at times of grief can be hard. I believe on this occasion this song was placed in your heart for the appropriate moment.
I always say Life, Death and the Universe must eventually make some form of sense. Because these things are bigger than us doesnt mean it should defeat us but instead it  keeps us searching for answers. When my father died suddenly aged 39 my youngest brother was 3 years old going on to 4 years in a months time. I remember him saying to me on the night after my father died dont worry  look at the moon and Daddy will be up there. Even though I dont believe he is up in the moon I have ever since then felt a warm  comfort when I look at the moon and the stars believing my father and other dear ones who have passed on have gone to a better place. Also I appreciate every day knowing our time is limited in this life. Without forcing my beliefs on people I am from the heaven and hell way of thinking and with that in mind I try and live a good life.
Thank you for sending out your song into the world.

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Beautiful song Amy - and you know it hits close to my heart. After 7 years of fighting I know Christopher is in a Better Place.

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I remember you writing a poem and song about your loss a few years back. I think it was called "Six years of tears" that moved me and made me think then about loss of a child and what it means to the mother. Again your song has stirred up memories.
39 years back we lost a child and though I was upset I didn't realise how a mother suffers. I was young and insensitive to my wife's feelings.
We never knew where the child was buried as I dealt with the legal stuff my wife was ill at the time and I just I wanted to forget about it so I didn't ask.
My wife always wanted to know where the child was but didn't know how to go about finding the location.
Strangely it wasn't till her mother died and we sorted out the burial plot that she enquired about finding the location to the officials.
It turned out to be relatively easy just some searching through the cemetery numbers and plots until we found the unmarked grave.
My wife was so pleased she had found her baby after all these years. I had not really realised what she had felt all the years.
We now have a headstone and she has her peace..
I have always thought you had a great voice and your guitar playing has come a pace..
Well done.

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Very good words, MKM ... well put together.

I agree that trying to live without hope is, well ... kinda hopeless. So many people struggle with loss, mental health issues, disease, and challenges of every sort. About 35 years ago, I began the habit of reading through the Bible each year ... still do. Whatever a person needs to do to keep the inner fire of hope alive, and improve their own character day by day, is a worthwhile investment.

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Thank you, again, all of you! 

Ark, I do remember us discussing that once before.  It likely was around the time I wrote the other song (The Tears of Six Years - Gah... that was 7 years ago now!).  I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find the grave and get a headstone placed.  No doubt this has helped your wife's healing process.  Our daughter is buried at the foot of her grandfather's grave (my husband's father passed on many years ago, before I had the chance to meet him).  We just have that simple stepping stone that I painted as a marker, near his foot stone -  but I love it, and it's perfect.  smile

Pete, "dont worry  look at the moon and Daddy will be up there" - what a lovely thought to hold onto!

You all know what's really awesome?  No matter the beliefs - hope and love surely never die.  smile  Thanks again everyone!

Art and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder.
What constitutes excellent music is in the ears of the listener.