Topic: I'm Back! "Flying Fingers"? ....

.....I have been meaning to let my friend TF know how much I enjoy this new feature of his and so now I have that chance.

I would like to add the following as a "take-off" on his thread title and name it "Flying Hands" just as a one-off deal, if that's okay?

I can see our ladies laying down the lead guitar and uke on this old standard covered by Wild Rabbit. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did the first time I heard it a couple of says ago. Hang on to your Akubras, Blokes and Sheilas!

Your Friend


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Re: I'm Back! "Flying Fingers"? ....

Well hello, Mr. Craig!

So good to have you back amongst us. Doug gave a bit of an update recently about your technical difficulties, and your praise for him in another thread shows how well kindness and gratitude go together. The account of your computer adventures would make a good "Harry Chapin - style" song.

Looking forward to bantering with you and the rest of the Chordians, around the stimulating topics you are so good at putting before us.

Let the music play, man ... let the music play!