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As it has been said it's all about preference. I recently purchaced a high end guitar and my choice after many visits to different guitar shops trying  many different guitars, I came to a point where it came down to  a Taylor or a Martin. I found that the Taylor was a  prettier guitar with a fantastic action, but as far as the sound quality, Well You just can not beat the sound of a Martin

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I can really recommend the 'TURNER' electro acoustic, with a proper acoustic amp. It's as good, if not better than the 'TAKAMINE' (I have played both) only your not paying for the name. The 'turner' doesn't look anything special, but it is built in the same way as a £3,000 guitar, in the same factory, and the sound quality is second to none being light weight as well. mine cost £1,000 new.

Basically they have built it with sound quality in mind rather than fancy markings, it is built with yew, ash, and mahogany. When your past the beginner stage, and can justify spending a bit more, then you could do a lot worse than the 'turner'. smile

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Re: The best Acoustic?

Since nobody's mentioned 'em I thought I'd get a  plug in for Tanglewood - they do very nice mahogany and cedar acoustics in the 300 - 700 euro (and higher) price range and have a very strong but subtle sound. I'm informed by much better players than me that they are as good as many much more expensive models. I love my one anyway, but I suppose I would say that.
Dont know how widely thay are available outside Europe though...


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i started out with an old craftsman  and played like poo. i had a lutier "mugsy mcgunnis' rip he is playing for god now. set it up for-_ me and my style of playing  it made me a firm believer in setting up  your stuff my fingers hurt after about fifteen minutes after the work i could play for hours since then i own alveraz, gibson, taylor, yamaha,honda,collegiate, squire ,dean,stella and ibanez  all play great becouse i have had all set up for me

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The Tanglewood suggestion aint so far from wrong very good value for money
You should try a Recording King Martin copy (Formerly Johnson Carolina)
One with solid Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides and Sitka top
Get it looked at closely by a good tech (it's worth it since the value is stunning)
A bit of light gauge sandpaper on the back of the neck and you'll have a monster. Just an amazing guitar. No shortcuts though, no skipping the tech!

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I currently own a (4) year old Taylor CE714 and a (4) year old Taylor CE414. The 714 is in the shop right now having the bridge re-glued because it was beginning to come off. I recently purchased the 414 (used) but find that the action hurts my fingers a little after playing for a while. I have never had a tech look at it and it seems that everyone in the forum recommends this course of action. It is not that the action is high, it just seems that the strings are very tight even under standard tuning.

What can the tech do to make this guitar a little more "finger friendly?"


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I have had a Taylor 314ce for 2 years now and it sounds beautiful, most acoustics sound very trebbly but this guitar has one of the best sounds i have ever heard from an acoustic.  A lot of experienced players have played my taylor and they all love it.
have a look at the many bands that use the taylor for their acoustic set inc The Manics. that says a lot.

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I agree with grahamcurtis about Elixir strings.  As with most guitars, electric or acoustic, the strings mean quite a bit to the overall sound of the instrument.  Elixir strings give me the best sound, along with long-life.  And remember, on an acoustic especially, that bigger strings will render bigger sound.  Get the biggest guage strings you can stand (IMHO) and the sound will be fuller and more robust than with Xtra Light strings.  More times than any, LIGHT gauge strings for an avoustic will serve you well.  I use Elixir Nanoweb LIGHT .012-.053 on my 6-string and it is the perfect match (for me).

I know I kinda went off the subject, but strings do make a difference.  As far as guitars...well, you got even more differences there, my firend.  Just play them.  Even though most high-quality acoustic guitars are made by well-known companies, that doesn't mean that all of the ones they make will outdo others at a lower cost.  Find your favorites (Brand) and play them.  Then play others.  Heck, play them all!!!  You will find your baby, and you will cherish it from now on.  That what matters.

Good luck!

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Al Bradley wrote:

Remember that Michael Jorden grew up in K-Mart tennis shoes, and Jose Conseco had a K-Mart glove and bat --- it's not the equipment. Learn to make your current guitar sound good and then later go buy the "best acustic".

I agree with Al. My first was a Yamaha FG 160 for a lot of years, then I found a Blueridge (Chinese Martin knockoff) and it sounds great, easier to play - better action that FG 160. I'll move on up when the time and bucks are right.  j

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Living in a remote place leaves me listening and playing online in Paltalk where I hear the best players on cheap and expensive guitars, but best seem to be the Martin, Takamine F series and the Alvarez Yari.  I'd like to find out how this Taylor 355 12 str neck would sound if I could find a body for it.  A friend who was drunk broke the body.  (anyone has ideas let me know)