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Topic: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

I just looked back, and Badeye posted the first "Friday Blues Fix" in September 2009. With over 360,000 views to date, and over 1,100 posts/replies to go with it, this has become a valued tradition on the Chordie forums.

Badeye, thanks for 7 years of first-rate blues! I'm proud to be a fellow-Nova Scotian, and a fellow-Chordian with you.


Re: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

Happy Anniversary - may you have a musically filled blue day!

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Re: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

Awesome...   wow that long eh...   love those Friday blues....

Thank you......   Badeye          cool

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Re: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

Thats a cracker, happy anniversary and many more

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Re: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

Hats off to you Badeye a great post and thread that's stood the test of time excellent.
Well done.

Re: Happy Anniversary, Badeye!

Thanks for all your great posts Badeye, You have done a Great job!!

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