Topic: what do you recommend?

I have a beginner nylon string and am looking at getting a good mid level(price) guitar.  I play rock, folk and classical, but I am at a loss at what to get.  I am definitely no expert (obviously) so help me out...nylon or steel, and what make would you rec. that's under $1000.

I am looking at Martin, has anyone had any experience with the Little Martin?  How about Ibanez?  I tried a nylon string that had terrible sound but...

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alvarezes are nice

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Dude check out I have a zad-50 and it is the shit. I think it is as good as a taylor or martin and only 500$. You can read some reviews of it here <a href="" target="_blank"> … product/Za ger/ZAD%2050CE/10/1</a>  . I am super happy with everything about mine action finish sound its a dream.