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I got in a discussion with someone last evening, who felt that Pink Floyd never really matured until "Dark Side of the Moon", and the everything after Roger Waters left was rubbish. Aside of his discounting almost 3/4's of their entire repertoire, I vehemently disagreed. And then he really blew it, by citing commercial success as the main measuring stick. Some of the best music in history was written for much bigger reasons than just to make a buck ... grrrrr.

1) The early "Piper at the Gates of Dawn > More" years were foundational to their identity in pushing creative boundaries.

2) The "Umma Gumma > Obscured by Clouds" years built on this creativity, with theme-based compositions that are still land-mark favorites whenever played at concerts.

3) The "Dark Side of the Moon > The Wall" years were their best known and most commercially successful, but surely there's more to good music than this one criteria alone.

4) The "Final Cut > Division Bell" years, although made without Roger Waters, are (IMHO) just as good musically as anything done previously. And I offer this one track as evidence:

"On The Turning Away"

So now I'm interested to hear what Chordian / Pink Floyd fans think? We likely won't all agree, but that's not really the issue, is it?

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This was a version of  interstellar overdrive  I  did  with  GB blues some  years ago … -overdrive

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I love most any Pink Floyd music. Green lights Blue skyes and Pink Floyd!

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The genius of Pink Floyd whatever era you like is they pushed themselves in all sorts of directions without the need to play fast paced music. I suspect they had a strong ethic to make the sound perfect  which also helped  with  major efforts designing and creating unique  musical and live experiences. Umma Gumma was the first album I enjoyed listening to of theirs  It took me a few years of hearing Dark  Side Of The Moon which my wife likes before I finally started to enjoy it. Atom Heart Mother most probably was the album that made me realise how good Pink Floyd is but I cant single out a personal favourite. I got the radio going quietly here and I ve just realised Another Brick In The Wall is just been played.

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I remember buying a single of theirs, See Emily Play, think the B side was Scarecrow. Then I brought an album Meddle. Side two was just one track, Echoes. It was at the time mind blowing. Now when I listen to it, it reminds me of going for a hearing test and trying to pick out the high pitched sounds. 60s and early 70s a great innovative band, but for me they just lost the appeal.

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Being of a certain age early Floyd had the greatest impact on me musically. As keepitreal says Meddle was so different at the time and the track Echoes was mind blowing in good way.
The Darkside album had some great tracks was more main stream and lead to commercial success.
I enjoyed listening to all the later works but they never had the same impact of the earlier works.
I watched a couple of documentaries about the bands history and realised what a huge effect they had on the development of music in the world.

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Another Breakin In The Wall was the first track I heard of them when I was a kid. So I have to say that era is the one for me. But...all Pink Floyd eras are great :-)