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Re: Chordie Pa. 2016

Those are awesome - all of you are quite uniquely talented!!
It's amazing to see how well you all melded together.  I especially enjoyed Katie's performance... love when children perform.... they seem to always steal the show.

Well done -  you all get 5 stars from me !!


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Re: Chordie Pa. 2016

Here's the finished playlist. I don't know the names of all the songs so most of them still have a number issued by the camera. The lowest numbers are early in the day. So progressing from lowest to highest you go from early afternoon through the late evening but they're not laid out that way in the playlist.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ0sYkt … 59fEMgjOPW

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Re: Chordie Pa. 2016

I see you didn't start with the host!  wink  Nah, you started with the one where my guitar sounds all out of tune.  big_smile 

Seriously, thanks again Joe!  I haven't had much time to go through the recordings, but I will still do that at some point and put some more of them up!  There was a good portion of time where the camera wasn't running, but my recorder was.

Thanks JIM (TIGLJK) - for your kind comments.  You really do need to make it to one of these gatherings!  You're not too far away, though I know it seems every year we have ours you're out of town or a daughter is getting married or something's going on.  I'll have to check on your schedule before setting a date for next year.  wink 

Bill - I do hope to meet you and the lovely Dondra one day! I know travel all the way to PA or NY would be a bit too much for you both at this point.  We can still hope though, that one day it may happen!  smile

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