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Tenement Funster wrote to me concerned about NELA's prolonged absence. I, and the other Moderators, have, for a while, been trying to discover what why he has not been around since April. Today I went and checked on his Facebook page again and saw several birthday wishes from June with no replies but amongst them was a get well message. I sent a message to that person and have just received a reply. Apparently Dennis has had a major stroke and is not very well, I have asked to be kept informed of his progress.

i am sure we would all wish him a speedy and complete recovery and hope he is soon able to join us again.


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Way to go, Roger ...

Very grateful for your investigative work, and updating the rest of us. I'm sure we're all saddened to hear of NELA's situation, and our hearts go out to him, with a serious wish for restored health.


I am hoping nela will get well, thank you roger for the news.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery from both of us! I am glad you finally got us a status message, Roger, thank you!

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Thank you Roger for reaching out and updating us with the information you found.  Our thoughts go out to NELA and his family.  Strokes are serious business, and I sincerely hope he is able to recover from this to a point where he can enjoy his family, some music and perhaps a little "phishing" again.

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Thanks for the info Roger a major stroke is a very serious condition sorry to hear this only time will tell if it improves hopefully it will

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Oh dear.  Prayers for NELA from NoVa.

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Sorry to hear this news, get well soon.

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Sorry to hear regarding Nela.   I didnt get to know Nela since I have been on here but anyone having a stroke is sad news indeed.

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