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Topic: NGD - The Prodigal Returns

After traveling from family member to family member for the past 25 years or so, my Norman ST30 has returned home, to be played once again. I originally bought it in 1979, and it's certainly been around.

An interesting bit about this guitar is that it was made in the late-70's, before Norman Boucher sold his company to the Robert Godin group (which also makes Seagull, Art & Lutherie, LaPatrie, and Simon & Patrick guitars). The top is made of solid Canadian Red Spruce, a sought after species of which the Boucher family still owns one of the largest privately-held stands in the world. The back & sides are solid mahogany, and these woods plus its age gives it a big, powerful yet warm voice.

Welcome home, Norman!


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topdown wrote:

Hey TF - Your photo must be hosted somewhere on the webs in order to copy here - it can't come from your hard drive. I hope you can find a way to post it, I'd love to see it. (Or email the photo to me, and I'll post it for you!).

Just redid it ... shows up now.

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Glad too see it got back to you.

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Man I'm so glad this guitar finally made it back to you and is complete! Such a cool guitar when I had it.

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