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Topic: Joy! NGD

My daughter asked me to find her a guitar to hang on her wall as decoration. She had been to Nashville recently and she had seen several guitars as decorations. She is not a guitar player...yet. Read on.

I searched Craig’s List first as I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a guitar she may never play. I found several candidates but the thought of driving around all day, meeting strangers in Waffle House parking lots, negotiating trade deals (as fun as that may be) was not how I wanted to spend my day.

Guitar Center must have know this as they emailed me a 15% Veteran’s Day coupon. (They can be pretty sneaky.) Bingo! Whether you like GC or not, they do have a large collection of guitars to chose from. Temptation got me and off I went to visit one of three of the GCs in my area.

Guitar Center did not disappoint. Using my iPhone camera I sent a few photographs to my daughter with questions like brown or colorful, shiny or matte, big or small? The latter referring to dreadnoughts and 000-size respectively.

We settled on a Yamaha FS-800 Sandburst finish. (The FS is Yamaha’s “folk body” and similar to a 000.) The 800 is at the bottom of the 800 series line up but it does not disappoint. In fact, I like its lack of abalone and flash. Regardless the guitar is beautiful and effortlessly playable right out of the box. A great-sound, lovely guitar which will not allow itself to be hung on a wall and forgotten. And that is my plan. I hope my daughter finds it calling her to come and play.

p.s. I know this story cannot be true without a photograph but I am not smart enough to post one. Sorry.

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Happy ngd. yamahas are good low and high end.

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Terrific guitar ... Happy NGD!

A friend that I jam with also bought one of these for his daughter, and he often picks it up to noodle around with, because of the comfortable size. Here's a pic (hope I got the right one) of what they look like ... very pretty finish!


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Tenement Funster,
That is the one! Thank you.

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I will give it to my daughter today. Meanwhile I've been chumming the waters of her imagination with various photographs of said instrument.