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Topic: Gruhn Guitars selling Eric Clapton collection

http://www.tennessean.com/story/enterta … /94625742/

Back in 1970 — the same year Gruhn Guitars opened up shop in Nashville — owner George Gruhn sold his first of many guitars to Eric Clapton. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer ended up being a loyal customer, and 46 years later, he and Gruhn's friendship has come full circle.

Instead of buying guitars from Gruhn, he's selling them.

On Tuesday morning, the Nashville store put 29 guitars from Clapton's personal collection up for sale. That includes a 1941 Martin 000-45 acoustic — priced at $150,000 — and a number of Fender Stratocasters, Gibson Byrdlands and D'Angelico archtop guitars. By Tuesday afternoon, a dozen instruments had already been sold (but that Martin's still up for grabs.)

What sparked the sale? Gruhn says Clapton occasionally does some "downsizing" in his collection, and has sold his guitars through auctions in the past, but this is first time he's worked with Gruhn Guitars.

"Eric is a customer, but also a friend," Gruhn tells The Tennessean. "He's always treated me well, and I try to do that in turn. It's been a long-term relationship, and it's something very important to us."

You can see the full collection online at http://guitars.com/eric-clapton-collection.

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Re: Gruhn Guitars selling Eric Clapton collection

I can only dream of having one of those!

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