Chordie does not host songs. It is a search engine that formats songs it finds on the internet. There are several reasons for this (most of them legal).

Please read FAQs on chordie's 'Resources' page for a longer explanation.

This also means that NO LYRICS can be posted in this forum.

You are however allowed to post links to songs on the internet, and you are allowed to post one-liners explaining how to play a song.

Any posting of lyrics may result in Chordie having to shut down! I will therefore automatically delete the account (and the songbook) of persons violating this rule, as well as ban their domain from accessing Chordie.

Please report any violation of this rule immediately!


Q. What is this section of the forums for?
A - This section of the forums is for asking other forum members if they can help you out with a song that you're unable to find the chords to!  There's quite a few members here that are MAGIC!  They can listen to a song and just know what chords are being played!  Ain't that cool?

Q. That is cool!  So if I post in here, they'll write up the song for me?
A - Not quite.  As our Admin has said, full lyrics and chords for copyright songs are not allowed in the forums.  This is a legal issue.  Plus, no one's doing it for a living and everyone's time is valuable.  What may happen, is another member may help you out by posting a link where you can find the song already figured out elsewhere.  They may provide you with a basic list of the chords that are played in the song.  They may also WANT to write the whole thing out for you (or already have a version of it saved) and email you PRIVATELY with the whole song.  That would be awesome, but let's not just expect it.  smile

Q.  What if I KNOW where a song is located on the net, and I would like it to be added into the Chordie index?
A - That's awesome!  This isn't the place for it though.  As our Admin has said, "Chordie does not host any songs. It finds and formats songs located elsewhere on the Internet."    To request a song get added to the index, please first review the FAQ's to ensure the song format is doable , and then send the link via email to our Admin.  He will consider adding the song to the Chordie search function the next time he indexes the site.  This won't happen overnight, it's a LOT of work to add new songs after checking links and ensuing the formatting will work.  It may not happen at all if the Admin feels the song is not popular enough to bother with.  This website is FREE to use, so understand that some things can take time some times.  smile  Thanks!

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