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Another sad post from me. Rick was guitarist and vocalist in Status Quo, one of my favourite bands. He will be sadly missed as I missed one of their concerts last summer. He had been taken ill before so I believe his son took his place. I had been at one of their concerts back in 1972 and what an impression it made on me, probably the main reason I love rock music.

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What an awful year its been, we've lost so many talented artists.

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That is sad news Status Quo has always put on a good show every time I have been at one of their concerts. I have seen them live many times over the years. The first time  was at Te Rapa down here in NZ  it was 1973 when I went to see them along with other top groups. Ever since that concert I have been a fan. The Te Rapa concert also introduced  me to the music of Fairport Convention and Slade who were also on the Bill. The last time I saw Status Quo was in 1986 at Wembly Stadium, Maree and I were at the now famous Queen Concert and Status Quo were one of the support acts. They got the huge crowd rocking. It is sad to think of the three Bands that played at that concert  three of the lead singers are not with us anymore. Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence of INXS  and now Rick. I love the way Status Quo could get a crowd going with their rocky guitars and those distinctive duo vocals.

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So sad. 2016 has been a bad year for celebrities, so many taken. R.I.P. Rick.

Here's hoping for a better 2017.


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It doesn't seem a week goes by without loosing another big name from the music industry.
Status Quo is a band I always enjoyed listening to they never much changed their style which was to me their appeal.
RIP Rick and thanks.

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And now we Add George Michael to that sad list.
Such a shame

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