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Why didn't anybody call me out on NOT getting one of these up?  THANK YOU BGD... for your super subtle way of letting me know. Please feel free to hollar at me next time!

I like BGD's idea, so we're gonna roll with it!  He suggested, in another thread, that for MARCH everyone give song suggestions based on shows they've seen LIVE in concert!  What a neat idea!

So this thread over here is all about concerts people WISH they had seen, and some have posted about concerts they actually HAVE seen:

Please, add your suggestions for the March Featured Song of the Month below, based on songs played at concerts you've seen live in person!  (I promise, no Milli Vanilli songs will be chosen.  While I did SEE them in person, I obviously did not hear them live in person!  ha ha ha ha ha!)

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I vote for:

Knee Deep. I've seen Zac Brown live 3-4x. Amazing live show

Jimi Thing. I've seen Dave Mathews live 10x+. Incredible musician.

Wish You Were Here. David Gilmour. Only seen him once. can't wait to see him again.

You're welcome. I wasn't being subtle lol. Just impulsive and thought it was a fun idea. I hope beyond hope that you throw Milli Vanilli into the hat. I have already started working on two of their tunes. smile

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OK So I like BGD's Pink Floyd suggestion,

My contributions

BETH - KISS  (Saw Peter Chris sing this in 1980-Dynasty tour. Have seen them 3 times all original 4, Beth every time )
acoustic version

Fall of the Peace Maker -  Molly Hatchet /DJB Project - (Saw them with out Danny Joe during Beating the odds, Then at Shades bar in Jacksonville with Foghat opening (Lonesome Dave kicking butt also) and sorry to say the last show I saw was another bar at Jax beach, they were trying to do the acoustc thing, it was close to the end for DJB.  second set he was terrible.   but at end of show,Ive noted this story b4, I still walked upand shook his hand and told him I loved his music.) 
So instead of DREAMS  here is a great live  FOTPM … 5tExY#t=43 (its a great version with every guy taking a lead  slot in the song!)

Lonely is the Night - Billy Squire - At 12 I got to see him on his Don't Say No tour.  That guy can rock a basic stage and worked his caboose off.  My #1 favorite Billy Squire song -  live -  album -  and the how to by PaPa Stache -

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Helplessly Hoping = CSNY
I'll have to come back for the link, because I'm on my tablet and don't know how to do hyperlinks and I'm too lazy to learn.

Edit: … hoping.crd

Jimmy Buffett - Love in the Library, Distantly In Love, or Tin Cup Chalice.  If anyone can find a chord chart for "Math Suks" (sic), that'd be a good one too.

Edit: Distantly In Love - but it's not a very good transcription. The walkdowns are missing, and the bridge is F#m and G.  Also, while Jimmy Buffett performed it first, the writer is Steve Goodman. … n_love.crd

Edit: Love in the Library. I think writing credit on this one goes to Keith Sykes, but played by Jimmy. … ibrary.txt

Edit: Tin Cup Chalice … halice.crd

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ill second the vote for wish you were here

out of tune out of key and out of touch


Coming very shortly March FSOTM ..... watch this space .............

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