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Happy Birthday Scott. Have a great day, full of music and laughter. lol

May your strings never break and always stay in tune.


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Play it til' your fingers hurt, your ears ache, and the smile on your face won't go away !
Happy Birthday  Scott !

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Many happy returns Scott. Have a really great day, music, love ,laughter and lots of the falling down liquid....always works for me lol

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Happy Birthday Scott ... hope you have a fantastic day .... you don`t look a day older smile

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Happy birthday Scott.  I hope you get some very loud presents.

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Have a great day. Turn the volume up another notch.

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Thank you to EVERYONE,,,

ROGER thanks for posting smile

TF YOU MADE ME LAUGH, THANK YOU FOR KNOWING WHO I AM! LOL the beauty is It is STILL ACE in that picture and the late Eric Carr.  very cool.

I have not touched strings fro a few nights, but I did do a night with my neighbor on Tuesday night.  We did a rough attempt at my Love is the sun.  Was cool though we tried it a bit different than i usually do it with him having a finger picking part. maybe ill post it to sound cloud, but its pretty rough LOL.

Z and  KEEP IT,  I plan on getting a loud present, but for now I bought a Mr Heater Big Buddy  for my basement lol. But maybe in 2 weeks and a few details, I'll have a NGD to show off. (a body style I have wanted for a while and don't yet have, not a LP but that is next on the list wink  )

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Happy Birthday Scott

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Happy belated birthday wishes Beamer and many of them.

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A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to ya smile smile smile

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Have a great B-Day...   

badeye           cool

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Sorry I'm a little late Scott - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !!!!

I didn't realize ours were so close together.  Mine was on March 1st.


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Re: Beamer's Birthday

Happy Birthday Scott.

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