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This is a little late, but I've been busy. My good friend Zurf conspired with Topdawg to obtain this killer Squire short-scale bass and gifted it to me during chordiestock. He was also kind enough to bring me a book so I can learn how to play it!. As a bonus, it matches my Strat perfectly! Thanks Zurf! Now if only I could learn to play one of em.....

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Re: Happy NBGD to me!

Happy NGD. If anyone can appreciate an NGD, it is me.

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Re: Happy NBGD to me!

SWEET!  Hey banging out root notes octives and 5ths,  is fun, just play it that way so you dont get bored, and plenty of vids out there too for country bass(4th) and the other stuff

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Re: Happy NBGD to me!

I was impressed with that bass. It's tough to go wrong with a Fender product when it comes to electric basses, but it was bought without testing. It turned out to be a really easy to play, well set up bass with great fat tone.  The short scale makes the upper positions a lot easier. I spent a fair bit of time at CSV diddling around with that bass.  I was trying to remember riffs and songs and progressions and pulled a few of them from out of the WABAC machine.  Those books should get you off to a start. Some good tunes in them. "Tightrope" is one that's pretty easy to play once you get the feel of it but sounds really awesome.  So pull up some SRV on your iPad and run some slower-downer software to give yourself half a chance and have a ball with it.

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Re: Happy NBGD to me!

Happy NBGD, Topdown ...

And kudos to Zurf and Topdawg for putting it in your hands. I'm sure you'll do just fine with it...enjoy!

Re: Happy NBGD to me!

A friend indeed!

Re: Happy NBGD to me!

Tenement Funster - Catcher of the Bass
Zurf - Giver of the Bass

what a team !!

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