Topic: Anyone using DR strings besides me?

I am trying them on my acoustics and so far am impressed with sound quality and longer sustain than I have experienced on other brands

Re: Anyone using DR strings besides me?

I use the DR coated, color strings on my Composite Acoustic guitar. This guitar lives on the back porch and the coated strings sound great, look awesome and last a long time even in the Florida heat and humidity. And they are available in multiple color options - great strings!

I use John Pearse strings on all my wood acoustics that live indoors, but the DR coated are great on my back porch guitar.

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Re: Anyone using DR strings besides me?

I have three of my guitars with DR Tite-Fit,  love the sustain and tonal qualities and the ease of playing them. My sets are 9-42 I have them on my new Strat, Tele and Les Paul love them. smile

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Re: Anyone using DR strings besides me?

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I've got DR flat-wounds on my Gretsch, and they do sound great ... smooth, warm, great sustain, etc. But I'm kinda hooked on the D'Addario NYXL's on the Les Paul, because they stay in tune so well when using the tremolo. I prefer 10-46's for the gauge on both, but that's just personal preference. On the acoustics I've tried a lot of different ones, but keep coming back to Elixir NanoWeb 80/20s in 12-53 gauge. The sound and feel of strings is such a personal thing ... glad you found something you really like.

Re: Anyone using DR strings besides me?

i use the coated fluorescent yellow on my black bass and lovin it.

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