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My own computer is messed up, so I am typing on hers which has smaller letters. We both wanted to say thanks for all the expressions of love, caring and condolences. Jason was our only child so you can imagine. We're both pretty torn up. Hope to see y'all again soon, but right now, Dondra is  (as she always is) Priority One.

We both send our love.

Bill and Dondra

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Re: From Bill And Dondra

Thinking of you both very often, you have gone through so much lately. Bless you both and I hope the big man upstairs ensures you have no more troubles and that He makes life easier for the both of you.


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This Bill and Dondra

Right back at you mate. We all understand you're both going through the toughest time imaginable for parents. We also understand your focus must now be on Dondra and hers on you. Take your time Chordie is not going anywhere. We're here when you need us.

Love and kisses

Phill and Ann

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss Bill.
I haven't been around a lot lately on Chordie family and stuff etc got in the way.
Please accept my condolences on what must be a very sad time for you and your wife.

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Bill and Dondra
Chordians all over the world hearts are with you. The beautiful thing you have as a couple is that you will both help each other get through this.. When the time is right for you two we know your light will shine again on Chordie Land.
Love to you both.
Pete and Maree

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A really tough time for Dondra and yourself Bill, but you are both blessed with each other, and thats where you need to be right now. Just take small steps, no rush, and take good care.

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Good to hear from you, Bill ... it's humbling to know that even in your time of grief, you are kind enough to check in with the rest of us. Much obliged, my friend! My dear wife and I are praying for you daily.