Re: Who has had the opportunity to meet and mingle with famous musicians?

Such great stories and memories everyone  .................  really enjoyed reading them and couldn`t  help but smile at some of them ......... thanks for sharing smile

Whilst I have been to quite a few concerts of some amazing oversea`s artist, I never had the privilege of bumping into any.  The only 'tiny' claim to fame meeting was with a New Zealand singer/song writer Shona Laing.  We went to a winery in Gisborne and she was performing there.    Before she came on stage, i thought i would go find the bathroom and whilst i was outside the winery looking for the bathroom, i saw this cute black fluffy little dog, it had really curly hair and so i was calling it and trying to pat it.  This older woman who was outside having a cigarette and who obviously owned the dog was looking at me and said it was her dog, so  we talked briefly about dogs as I have a dog too.  Anyway, with that off i go to get my seat so i can watch the show and on comes Shona Laing and guess who i had been talking to smile   It was Shona but i hadnt recognised her as she had matured a bit by then and the funny thing was that gorgeous little black dog actually was down on the ground by the stage and from time it literally danced/pranced on all fours to the music Shona was singing making the crowd laugh.

Here is link to Shona through her years incase you dont know who she is.

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Re: Who has had the opportunity to meet and mingle with famous musicians?

I haven't met many "famous" musicians. Nigel Olsson (Elton John's drummer) used to live in Raleigh, NC back in my college days and could be seen around town, often at local bars that had live bands. He was very approachable and we chatted a few times. I also met Ron Wood at the RDU airport bar and bought him a beer back in the mid 80's. He was touring as a solo act back in the day and had played the night before at a local bar. Funny enough, he was sitting by himself at the bar and carrying a guitar - no roadies, no security, just sitting there having a beer. I had seen his show the night before and we spent a few minutes chatting.

Neither of those experiences compare to the times I have met and actually played guitar along with many famous, should be famous, locally famous, and possibly infamous musicians that lend their talents to the gatherings at chordiestock or other meet-ups. I have had the great pleasure of sharing some tunes with these incredible chordians: Guitarpix, Tubatooter, Zurf, Wilbaye, Southpaw41, mekidsmom, normtheguitar, Roger Guppy, TopDawgz, Dirty Ed, Beamer, unclejoesband, and baldguitardude. (I hope I didn't forget anyone). There are also several local extremely talented musicians who I have been lucky enough to make music with: The Steve, the incredible Rick Hatfield, Chick "Rocks" Listano, Roger Banks, Garuchi, Cowboy, & Jeff Graves are all professional musicians (in that they have or do get paid to make music)-  it blows me away to have these talented folks play on my back porch for free.

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Re: Who has had the opportunity to meet and mingle with famous musicians?

Last year. I got to meet and talk to James Montgomery.

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