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Here's a new doo-hickey, which is supposed to be able to take the cold sterile sound of all-solid-state circuitry, and reproduce the same warmth, headroom, and smooth breakup that our beloved tube amps are known for. I think we'd all agree that we'll have to personally try one before rendering a verdict, but it certainly seems interesting: … -1.4198236

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interesting box, solid state for solid state to reproduce tube?  yea gotta hear that.  I mean I like the tech they have come up with, and honestly my RP doea great job, if this is affordable i need to lookinto it. I see Fender and Marshal buying it for the lower cost amps.  However I do believe if anyone thinks this is going to replace a head filled with tubes ,,,, I'm not thinking so,,, maybe in the studio, but not on a stage,,, I know I like seeing racks of 4X12's and the heads up there.  even in a combo unit, I wanna know i have that warm orange light in back LOLOL.  But it may just be the next cool thing for mid and low priced amps.

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I completely agree with your market analysis, Beamer.

I honestly can't imagine anything but tubes sounding like tubes, especially when cranking up the gain. But like you say, if it bridges the sizable price gap between tubes & solid state with a half-decent sound, there will definitely be a market for it. For me, the jury's still out until I get to play one, but maybe they got it right.