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I bought a used Boss Super Overdrive for $35.  It's pretty cool.

Bought specifically for the work I'm still doing for Santa Monica, which was I think one of the April Chordie Featured Songs of the Month.

I'm using it with an acoustic guitar - which sounds REALLY cool.

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Re: New Pedal Day

Congrats, Zurf ... that's an amazing deal on a really good piece of hardware. Running an acoustic with some effects produces a lot of unique / interesting sounds, although controlling feedback can be a challenge at times. Have fun with it, man!

Re: New Pedal Day

The key to using an OD or DIST. with the acoustic is to get a sound hole plug.  I sent Z the links to it and a little advice on how to work some adjustments for getting light to max OD while adjusting the level control to balance it with the amp.  an just a thought for new pedal geeks big_smile  OD and Dist are only cousins.  Fundamentally the same principal but very different responses.

and watch the knob settings on this one with the SD1 and the  DS1

and just for a lot of fun  I used to take a 12 string shallow bowl Ovation into the test room and plug into a marshal stack on the dirty channel! !!!! AWESOME!!!

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