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Topic: Politicians Promise.

Here in NZ it is election time here is a poem I wrote about promise and delivery by Politicians..

Politicians Promise.
A politicians promise made is sometimers  a debt unpaid.
Charasmatic promises  eventually twisted into  differant shapes,
Magical clever deceptions  spoken  words made on a stage. 
Party spokesperson describing  a  sought after garment  seductively covering a promising body.
Once  the garment is removed  and all  is  revealed what  comes to some is a shock
A beautiful garment  all  along covering  a broken down  skeleton with no heart.

Re: Politicians Promise.

Says it all Peatle, like how you have written this and your thoughts smile

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Re: Politicians Promise.

Absolutely brilliant Peatle. Believe me it's not just like this in NZ. The UK got conned by our politicians lies about Brexit. They said they could send home all the immigrants and make things better, but all they want to do is make more money for themselves by killing minimum wage and working standards and of course bring in more cheap Labour.

Sorry for the politics. Once again Peatle... brilliant.

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Re: Politicians Promise.

We've got a young, incompetent nitwit who thinks he's a pop-star, won't take sound advice from anyone, blows cash like it's free to feed his ego, is raising taxes on everyone and everything, and putting us heavily in debt at a record pace. Disgusted with politics.

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Re: Politicians Promise.

Cheers Phill and Jandal thank you for your feedback
i wrote the poem in reply to a good poem sent to  me asking a question  about  the dilemma of who to vote for by Easybeat.  I think worldwide politically people are looking for new and better ways of political leadership and government. Though New Zealand is often lauded overseas as an egalitarian society,  in the decades from 1985 onwards, New Zealand had the biggest increase in income gaps of any developed country. Incomes for the richest Kiwis doubled, while those of the poorest stagnated. Middle income earners didn’t do too well, either. Infrastructure and immigration has divided New Zealand  for years, but the divisive questions usually involve its impact on government deficits, local wages, the environment, and whether immigrants are really needed to do the jobs that Kiwis can do. Auckland our biggest city has a problem where people like Nurses, Teachers, Police cant afford to live there due to high rentals and property values. A property bubble and rampant speculation following the 2008 financial crisis has contributed to soaring income inequality along with sustained attacks on the wage levels and basic social rights of ordinary people, including access to accommodation. Auckland’s housing market is now only slightly cheaper than London but less affordable than Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Perth, Brisbane and Boston Over the rest of the country it is now harder in most areas for people to get into good housing than it was a couple of decades back. The other issue here is education and health . With education there is issues around are we teaching our children the necessary skills to make it in the real world. With health system is the issue of are we providing first world care.

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Re: Politicians Promise.

TF we could face the same problem here. Hopefully whoever gets in to  power here works out a fair tax system that can be sustained and not hinder the ability to maintain a good lifestyle for everyone. Big overseas  multi billion dollar Corporations at present can avoid tax while local businesses and the working public pay their fair share.
Our present  tax system lacks coherence, integrity and fairness: Differences in tax rates and the treatment  „of entities provide opportunities to divert income and reduce tax liability.
If it stays the same our demographic change, together with the rising cost of financing higher public debt, will place higher demands on the tax revenue base while simultaneously placing greater tax pressure on a smaller proportion of the population.