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"Rhymin' Paul Simon" celebrates his 76th today, and I can't imagine there's a musician anywhere that hasn't been influenced by / appreciative of his massive body of work. For me personally, his albums "Graceland" and "Rhythm of the Saints" were the best of all. Here's my own personal favorite of all, "The Boy in the Bubble":

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Graceland is one of my favourites by Paul Simon  he is not only a gifted lyricist but also has a clever way with music aswell.  Happy Birthday Paul..

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i recently bought the special edition of Graceland. to be honest i hadn't heard it before but it's seldom off the car CD player. and of course the album everyone has in their collection "bridge over troubled water"
Happy birthday Paul

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I have several of his CD and all of Simon &Garfunkel CD's. Years ago we went to a concert of Bob Dylan who sang for an hour, and then Paul Simon sang for an hour, and then they sang together for close to an hour. It was the best of both of them.

Happy Birthday Mr. Simon.

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