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Topic: Rush is Done

I just found out that the band "Rush" has called it a career. In a Globe & Mail interview, guitarist Alex Lifeson confirmed that Rush will do no more tours, has not written or recorded any new material, and has no plans to do so. Here's one article about it from"Ultimate Classic Rock":

http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alex-lif … ally-done/

Although this is very sad news, a 41-year career is an amazing feat, and all things must eventually come to an end. With plenty of YouTube concert footage to watch for years to come, all I can say is "Thank-you - Alex, Geddy, and Neil - for your monumental contribution to music fans everywhere!"


Re: Rush is Done

What a run,,   First listened to Rush way back in 1975.  happy retirement...

Badeye   cool

one caper after another

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I've seen some concerts on the box and was mightily impressed, but never bought any albums... maybe I should have.
I will look them up on YouTube. Sad day.

Elton John, Niel Diamond and Rush, 2018 hasn't started that good?

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I was sad to hear that. I wish I had the chance to have seen them play live.