Topic: I DID IT!!!!! (finally - barre chords!)

Last weekend, after looking at my husband and saying, "There is NO way I am ever going to get these stupid barre chords..."  I later picked up my guitar...started playing this song that I really have wanted to play but couldn't because of an intimidating F & Bm chord in there...and I DID it.

For those still trying to get barre chords...try shifting your thumb around the neck of the guitar, pulling the guitar in a little closer, and something else I didn't realize - it IS kind of in the wrist.  When I played them the first few times I really felt it in my wrist and all the way up my Tricep.  Weird.

Sorry - I was so excited I had to share that news!  I want to scream from the rooftop that I finally learned barre chords but nobody else in the world seems to care, of course.  What's so weird is that after you finally get them to play right a time or two, from then on, they actually ARE really easy.  Anyway, yay!  I'm so excited!  Thanks for listening to me raving on like a moron! :-)

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Waaaw, i´m glad you shared the new with us, i hope i can say something like that in time.

congratulations for those barre chords!!!


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Hi Devildogs_Doll
Pleased for you. I remember that mile stone.
You feel like the cat that's got the cream. smile
Well done


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Hey well done DevilDogs Doll,

That is an achievement. Go ahead and scream it from the rooftop it is an event well worth celebrating.


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Good Job DevilDogs Doll, One of the great things about playing the guitar is that feeling of achievement one gets after mastering something new. The cool thing is that it keeps happening over and over again. It never ends

what a long strange trip it's been

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Congrats on the barres. My break through years ago was the CCR song "Lodi".  Try it out and practice it! Use only barre chords (B, eb, etc.).

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Congratulations it is a big step. A whole new world of guitar is now opening to you, keep at it!


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Congratulations.  Trippy and I are left alone to commiserate without you now.  We are saddened for ourselves, but pleased for you. 

You better hurry up though Trippy, I'm thinking it's just around the corner.  I've started practicing some songs with F's and F#m's in them.  I have to stop when I get to them, position my hand, and strum or pick (as the case may be) and it every once in a while only sounds bad instead of catastrophically horrendous.  So I'm thinking, I must be on my way!

- Zurf

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Re: I DID IT!!!!! (finally - barre chords!)

Trippy and Zurf - you can do it!  Keep trying.  For some reason, I really felt it in the wrist so I'm thinking it must have something to do with building strength in the wrist as well.  I wish you both the best.

I was trying to play Rachael Yamagata's 'Reason Why' -  it's a slow song, but has two barre chords thrown in in a row.  The rest of the song was all open chords so I started getting really frustrated because I could play about 75% of the song.  Thanks Larry!  I'll give "Lodi" a try for more practice.  And are absolutely right.  I remember the way it felt when I learned to play ONE chord...and then the next...and then I was finally able to progress chords fast enough to sound like a song.

I think my next thing to tackle will be picking.  I can play all-chord songs pretty well, but need some pick work.

All right Trippy & Zurf, I'm sending some barre chord zen or something your way.  I believe in you.  I think the only reason I got these chords so quickly is because I play night and day.  My poor guitar is begging ME for a break...hehe - Thanks again everyone for the congrats.  I'm just so happy having passed one milestone on the way to many bigger ones.